Thursday, 24 March 2016


Love for someone or something, doesn't spring up from the blue
It requires an object to your affection, and often for them to love you too
This is when love becomes attatchment, when its dependant externally
But find that love inside yourself, and it exists eternally
I've loved a lot over the years, and loved in many ways
And the love I have for life and living rarely goes away
And even in those darker moments when love is difficult to see
Look deep inside yourself, it's the only place it'll be

Saturday, 27 February 2016


This place we have found ourselves
Not quite the “real world”, but then, what else?
Expat community
Developing society
A place where we can all be free

But free to do what?
To drink, and smoke and fuck?
Is this it for our reality?
A place to do drugs by the sea?
Are we just a load of hippies?
Smoking pot and talking big dreams ...
 Or have we found the key?
To live harmoniously ...

You stop worrying about money with a tab system
A passing tourist trade keeps money coming in
Life is cheap
And the people you meet
Some of the most interesting guys and girls
Stories from around the world
The weather is great, the scenery is beautiful
Pretty much, we got it all

But … life in paradise
Although I’m not denying its very nice
Still has its up and downs
Friends move on as the next season comes around
And although there’s always new ones to be found
Its hard work, constantly meeting, greeting
Building connections even though they’re fleeting

Change is quick
Blink and you’ll miss it
You gotta keep up with the times
Work with the tides
Know your bribes, or “police fines”

But the opportunity is there
And if you care
You can create something special
In a land that’s magical
Build something worthwhile
And still have a good time

We’re making a scene
A cultural dream
A place to work creatively
Time to develop personally
So if you can resist temptation
This is your nation
And working together I think we can be free

To develop society 
And enjoy our expat community

Happy f***ing Valentines Day

Happy fucking valentines day
Lets celebrate
This hallmark holiday
Capitalist, fetishized, exclamation of love
Bastadised romantics,
Superficial antics,
Quick, buy roses now, because

If you don’t
It means you don’t feel
If you wont
It means its not real

Fuck valentines day
And its candlelit dinners
Fuck valentines day
And its creation of “winners”

The Disney idea of happy ever after
True love, that’s nothing but laughter
And what about those without a partner?
Left to feel alone
Like your doing something wrong
By looking after yourself
Instead of dealing with someone else

And even if you do have someone
Why celebrate this one day alone?
Surely you should love every day
Instead of needing a holiday to say
I love you
I need you
I want you
Be mine
You’re gorgeous
You’re special
I think of you all the time

So this is my celebration of valentines day
A poem to say fuck it, I’m not going to play

I’ll celebrate love in my own way

Sunday, 17 January 2016


Hey there
How you doing today?
I stick to the pleasantries but what I’d like to say, is
You’re cute
But more than that
You’ve got a certain something and I want it bad

And I don’t know if you know it or not, but your hot
And if you couldn’t tell already, I like you a lot

Your energy’s inviting
Smile inticing
My skin is tingling
Just thinking of you

I want to go out dancing
Maybe a bit of romancing
Hold you tight, all through the night

And I’m sorry I can’t say this out loud
But if I could take you out
I’d make you scream and shout
Show you what a good time is all about

Now I know in the end we’ll probably just be friends
And I won’t say anything in case the friendship ends
So for the moment, just know, when I say “how you doing today?”

There is so much more I’d like to say

Wednesday, 28 October 2015


Home is where the heart is
Where you lay your head
Home is with your family
With your tv couch and bed
Home is in a backpack
Home is on the road
Home is a far off place
Of which you’ve been told
Home is what you make it
Where you choose to be
Home is just a concept

I don’t know what it means to me


Hi, my name is Yo
I go with the flow
Jump in
And dancing
All around
Up and down
I let my mind go
Escape into the now
And change
Stay in control

But let the rhythm guide you