Wednesday, 28 October 2015


Home is where the heart is
Where you lay your head
Home is with your family
With your tv couch and bed
Home is in a backpack
Home is on the road
Home is a far off place
Of which you’ve been told
Home is what you make it
Where you choose to be
Home is just a concept

I don’t know what it means to me


Hi, my name is Yo
I go with the flow
Jump in
And dancing
All around
Up and down
I let my mind go
Escape into the now
And change
Stay in control

But let the rhythm guide you

No Goodbye

I don't do goodbyes
Instead I say see you later
We'll meet again
In some country or other
Because I know this isn't the end
A friend will always be a friend

Yes, our paths have split for now
And yet I know somehow
We'll meet again
Don't know where, don't know when
But I’ll see you again my friend!

We both have more adventures to come
A travellers excitement is never done

but if we  do  meet again one day
My eyes will glow and my heart will say
This is what I always knew would happen
You may be gone but not forgotten

So although I'm trying not to cry

I still will never say goodbye

Thursday, 3 September 2015


Some might call me a slut...

... but only when i want to be,
and with who i want to be,
like life, i like my men easy
so i call it polyamory

Experiments with polyamory
Is something to do while your young and free
I need to concentrate on being just me
But that doesn't mean I don't get horny!

I have different lovers for different days
And love each one in different ways
I let them feel my passion,
The physical attraction
But commit to no one
The only promise is I'll be gone.

it can be lonely
Letting my heart be so free
But it doesn't need to last forever
One day I hope to find something better
A love so strong you need nothing more
And it doesn't matter what went on before

But until that day I'll get my happiness from many sources
Feel that touch and call of many voices
No one man needs to satisfy me
He can do his thing and also be free
As long as no-one gets hurt, we can just be
Feeling the love of polyamory

Thursday, 16 July 2015

the mind

The mind is lonely
It yearns for company
But, in reality
That part is not not me

The mind will worry
What may or may not be
I want to set it free
And learn the truth inside me

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Falling in love

I loved you before we even kissed
that look in your eyes couldn't be missed
Our messages confirmed what I knew to be true
The connection was real, you felt it too
So when we met, it felt so right
to cover you in kisses and hold you tight
You never know what the future holds
My heart is pumping to see what unfolds

Wednesday, 8 April 2015


I’m confused
My minds split in two
I can’t decide whether or not to love you
One half of me dares
to think of a future with you in it
wanting to care
every second of every day
the other half feels
a resistance holding back
that despite talk of the future
you may not want it like that
so I’m confused
I don’t know what to do
Do I say something?
Find out if you love me too?
Or ignore the feelings
And move on now.

If you want to follow, you will somehow.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Online Identity Crisis

A digital presence and online identity
Showing the world what I want them to see of me
Always be positive
Cover the flaws
Or speak with abstraction
As if they’re not yours
I give my opinion and express my views
Post environmental articles and tech news
A record of likes is there to see
But is all of this what makes me, me?
What’s underneath? Who’s thinking these things?
Am I just copying what my newsfeed brings?
I’d like to think there’s something more
Its just a positive reflection of what I stand for
But something bugs me as I share with everyone and no-one
That I’m moving further away from a life with someone
Content with surface relationships, far away
Local society has had its day
I miss the connection of a friendly neighbor
Who’ll be there whether or not he’s called for
Emotions are raw, and happening now
And someone just being there can help somehow
Comments can’t be deleted, or taken back

But to really experience, I think we need that