Thursday, 3 September 2015


Some might call me a slut...

... but only when i want to be,
and with who i want to be,
like life, i like my men easy
so i call it polyamory

Experiments with polyamory
Is something to do while your young and free
I need to concentrate on being just me
But that doesn't mean I don't get horny!

I have different lovers for different days
And love each one in different ways
I let them feel my passion,
The physical attraction
But commit to no one
The only promise is I'll be gone.

it can be lonely
Letting my heart be so free
But it doesn't need to last forever
One day I hope to find something better
A love so strong you need nothing more
And it doesn't matter what went on before

But until that day I'll get my happiness from many sources
Feel that touch and call of many voices
No one man needs to satisfy me
He can do his thing and also be free
As long as no-one gets hurt, we can just be
Feeling the love of polyamory

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