Wednesday, 25 February 2015


943 friends
who are these people?
acquaintances I’ve met along the way
momentary connections here to stay
they say we’re loosing touch with what’s real
a plethora of friends and yet we feel
but is facebook really to blame for loneliness?
shares and likes becoming mindless
activate the mind and use it for what its for
strengthening contact with those you adore
not for all nine hundred and fourty three
but focus on those who might actually be
friendships grow and change throughout our lives
some become stronger while others die
those you love will help you through
but time and place will change both of you
good friends still love you whatever may come
but when they drift away, it can make you feel
alone fits like a glove one friend told me
because when your happy alone can feel free
don’t try to fill your void with another’s joy
that moments relief is just a decoy
build up your heart’s inner strength
and don't need, just love those 943 friends
love yourself and love all others
love the world like its your brother
feel the love inside and out
and let your love shine throughout
ups and downs that come your way
just know your love is here to stay
no harm in keeping track of acquaintances, seeing where they are in the world

just remember they’re not the friends whose love you hold

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