Wednesday, 25 February 2015


A beautiful man lies next to me
And yet all I feel is lonely
I can’t help but feel
The connections not real
I lick and suck
We kiss and fuck
But there’s nothing deeper
Its all theatre

I get an invite to a fancy sex party
Fuck guys and girls in what once was a fantasy
Live my dreams of 3s, 4s and 5s
Get fucked my men while I kiss their wives
Beautiful people all around me
Yet still can’t help but feel lonely

I flirt online trying to make a connection
Post photos of myself to grab attention
A few sentances to try and describe me
Make it look like I’m happy and carefree
But they don’t know the real me
But no matter what I still feel lonely

I say I’m happy by myself
Working hard and in good health
On my path there’s no time for a partner
But there’s no one there to share my laughter
No one to speak to when I’m feeling down
And turn my frown the other way round
No-one who really cares about me

All I feel is lonely

The mistake I’m making is plain to see
I’m trying to fill a hole too desperately
I need to feel happy in myself
With myself and be by myself
I need to be happy with being me

Then I wont feel so lonely

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